beyondBeanie RoEco rep!

I am now a proud RoEco Rep for beyondBeanie!

"beyondBeanie is a social fashion brand that empowers artisans and helps children in need in Bolivia."

They work with over 20 talented artisans from La Paz and Cochabamba in Bolivia

and every item purchased helps a child in need...

One beanie = Five meals
One bag = One set of school supplies
One poncho = One school uniform

With ethical fashion linked to education, I couldn't turn down this opportunity to represent beyondBeanie!

Their talented artisans also make these adorable children’s Beanies! #socute!

It's not all about the hats, but it's all about the bB'S...  if beanie’s aren’t your thing, they make intricate vibrant macrame bracelets and cool bags too!

Another great feature about their products is that they all carry the signature of the artisan who made it, making each product extremely unique. You can even get to know your artisan and send her a “thank you note” through their website. #nicetouch #ethicallymade #whomadeit?

Being a beyondBeanie REP means that I am delighted to be able to give you guys a whopping 25% DISCOUNT code! 

Just use ROECOFASHION25 via my affiliate link! (simply click here, on the code, or on any image!) 

This means that if I am lucky enough that any of you guys rock a bB and change a life, then RoEco Fashion will receive 10% (trust me - every little helps when your a 'student' ;))

If you would like to support the company I would be very grateful if you use my link to do so!

Remember the beauty of this company is that your purchases can help children with their nutrition, health and education!

Let’s support each other to make a difference!

#honestyisthebestpolicy! #helpchildren

Don’t forget to use your discount ROECOFASHION25

Thank you for reading my blog post!

Sending you oceans of love, light and laughter!