Today it's RoEco Fashion's 2nd birthday! I can't believe it's been 2 years already! πŸ˜―

What a wonderful year its been! Collaborating with eco friendly and ethical companies from around the world! πŸŒ


Not to mention receiving my star award 🌟for being an Inspirational blogger at the @cotswoldbloggerawards 2018! I still can't believe it! 


This year I will be extremely busy as I start my journey to become a qualified teacher. I will try my very best to keep RoEco Fashion on the go and help as much as I can!

My focus this year will be on events and workshops that will embrace my educational journey and enlighten our next generation of #ecowarriors!

I have started a collaboration as the UK rep for Bee Healthy Stories

Bee Healthy is a growing collection of children's stories and resources aimed at educating children about health and well-being. They write about about key issues, such as diet, exercise, mental health, social skills and the health of the planet. They also facilitate workshops for any of these topics. You can even subscribe to get access to their unique educational resources for schools or at home! 

Yesterday I ran my first workshop at a great supportive venue 

This particular workshop is based on sugar in the diet and the importance of fruit and vegetables. After reading the Bee Healthy story β€œThe Sneaky Sugar Cube” the kids become Sugar Detectives  and identify the amount of sugar in common foods and drinks that we eat They then listen to β€œEat Like A Superhero " and invent their very own Super Heroes and design new super powers based on the fruit and vegetables we eat. 

We had so much fun finding all the Sneaky Sugar Cubes and discovering so many awesome Super Heroes! It demonstrates that together we can BEE HEALTHY! :D


Future sustainable workshops will include The Nurdle Invasion and Thats Not Rubbish! 


I know I need to be more consistent and post more blogs πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ I need to train myself to keep them short n sweet n informative! I just get a little carried away and overwhelmed with all the awesome brands out there that are doing such a great job to protect the planet and think about their sustainability factors... so I take so much time researching and writing... but its all for love and all a learning curve! 

But, thank you Sooooo much for all of your ongoing support, patience and love for our world! You are all AMAZING eco warriors!!

But for now...