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I was so grateful to receive some stunning pieces of jewellery from eco and ethical companies I am supporting. I have been dying to show them off properly!

Shooting these stunning CASTELLANO ETHNIC ORIGINS bracelets handmade by Colombian artisans was so much fun!

The photos are natural/not edited and as you can see the vibrant colours and unique design and texture just POPS!!

To find out more about the company check out my previous blog post


"Friendship bracelet handmade by Wayuu women in northern Colombia. Each piece is one of a kind with energy and life from an ethnic culture which is proud to maintain its traditions. When you buy one of our ethnic bracelets, you support our social project that supply clean water to children in need"
"Give back 20 litres of water to a wayuu children in Colombia"

You can purchase CASTELLANO ETHNIC ORIGINS bracelets directly from their website, or at SO JUST SHOP along with this ethical Savannah Chic bracelet! 

To recap who SO JUST SHOP is and who they are representing check out my blog post


For more details on the products, seller’s stories, or to arrange interviews please contact: OR 

and remember...

By shopping at places like SO JUST SHOP or directly from companies such as CASTELLANO you not only purchase incredibly unique ethically made products, but you can feel happy knowing that your purchase is going towards creating a better life for women and their families living in some of the worlds poorest countries, by helping them achieve economical independence! 

When I wear these products I literally can't stop smiling!!!

It really is a WIN-WIN situation! 

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