That little black dress!

Quality not Quantity

Part of what I have learnt about becoming a minimalist and being Eco and ethically conscious, is that I should focus on quality not quantity!! 

This is important for many aspects of life, not just textiles! But of course this is RoEco Fashion after all, so I shall share some fashionable tips ;) 

Sometimes people ask me if minimising your wardrobe involves ditching all your old clothes and buying new quality ones. But this certainly is not the case! Yes I have cut down on what I had and gave a lot to charity, but some of the oldest items in my wardrobe are my favourites and I wouldn't get rid of them because I still wear them years later and regularly! 

One garment in particular that I highly recommend is owning

a "little black dress"

It really is a must have, because with this one dress, you can have so much less!

The best thing about having "a little black dress" is that you can wear it Over and Over again in so many ways! Here are just a few examples of how I wear mine!

They are extremely versatile so you can easily improvise new looks without even trying!

You can dress it up or dress it down:

  • wear it with bold and colourful accessories, bags and waist belts
  • different colour and styles of shoes
  • wear it with a cardigan, a jacket, a sweater, or even a jumper over the top! 
  • bare legs or tights, or stockings...
  • wear it to work, dancing or dinner!

I usually say that having so many options complicates life, but when it comes to a little black dress it simply does the opposite!

One thing for sure is that...

Black goes with everything, no matter what season!


It will never go out of style. Ever! :D

They are so much fun!