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Everything Happens For A Reason

I have always believed that "everything happens for a reason" - even when bad events occur in life, and it is difficult to understand why! But I still believe this is true. Challenges help you grow and develop in many aspects of your life, and your being.


I am quite a sensitive soul, but don't be deceived, I am also very strong. I have learnt many times through out my life to listen to my heart and to go with my instincts! This has been very valuable through out my modelling career, and certainly whilst travelling. In fact it's the reason why I started travelling in the first place - the start of a magical adventure! 

#watchout! The mind can be quite harmful and a rather confusing place. The less you act upon your negative thoughts and the more you step out and listen to yourself, the better life you shall lead (so I believe :)). Not only your thoughts, but your feelings can change rapidly too, don't be afraid of change, don't be afraid of risks, don't be afraid of what your feeling now, don't be afraid to let go... If something isn't truly right, you will know - your mind has no idea!!! 

Creating this blog, which became this website, which became this brand; RoEco Fashion, was a very scary thing to do- according to my mind and all the things it was telling me that could go wrong in doing so! But, my heart and soul, and my passion was in it, and that's what created it! Not my mind, with the knowledge, and writing, and technical and computer-literate skills... they didn't even really exist at the time, they grew and I'm working on them day by day!! ;)

A month after launching RoEco Fashion, having posted about quite a few talented artisans and Eco fashion companies I had discovered across the world, I was blessed to connect with CASTELLANO ETHNIC ORIGINS. I felt great energy. When I was offered the opportunity to become one of their Brand Ambassadors, I was extremely grateful. For this to happen so soon, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. It made everything I was doing, and trying to achieve, more real: When people support what you do, your ideas, and believe in you, the universe works wonders. You can learn more about this brand in my blog post: CASTELLANO ETHINIC ORIGINS

When your working towards a positive goal, that can only really have a great impact on the world, then whats the risk? The more I have learnt about Daniela Castellanos, the more I understand why I connected with her and her company: Today I discovered a story about Daniela quite similar to my life experience that I mentioned in my very first blog post  My Story - From Ro to RoEco...

I turned my back on modelling, TV and fame to start Castellanos: Here’s why.

"One of my lowest points was being a model onstage as a finalist at Miss Colombia when I was 21. That’s going to sound ridiculous, but let me explain: I had given everything to be there, and I didn’t win. I had dropped out of university, spent all day in the gym, didn’t see my friends.
I had presented a TV show, toured the country in a pop band, lived a lifestyle we have been told our entire lives would make us happy. I had literally been to something called “beauty school” where they train you how to walk, how to speak, and mainly how to smile, in preparation for this final. For anyone who thinks this is what they want in life: Be careful what you wish for. Living that life is a minefield of backstabbing, jealousy, tip-toeing around people’s insecurities so you don’t make enemies, sleazy behaviour from guys, and all the worst parts of being in competition with other models. It wasn’t real, but you make compromises for the things you think you want.
After I returned home from the Miss Colombia contest, I decided things had to change. I thought about what I wanted to do VS. my own egoic feelings of fame, wanting to be liked, etc. I was sitting at home and found one of my old dresses in a cupboard. When I was 14, my dad bought me a sewing kit. I started making and selling prom dresses for girls at local schools. I loved the craftsmanship and how intricate I could make the designs. I was happy to do that until I got a modelling contract at 16. My mother was a model, and modelling is highly prized in South American culture, so I thought it was the right thing to do. I really thought it would make me happy.
I had presumed I could carry on designing and creating, but modelling and TV took over. Five years went by, and only when I returned from the contest did I remember what really got me excited about getting up in the morning.
So I did something I had no right to do. I started my own company, spent my entire life savings on stock, and moved to London with six suitcases full of bags and bracelets to create a fashion brand.
I noticed that a lot of big brands took the hand-created designs from indigenous Colombian people, airbrushed out the origins of the bags, and put an astronomical mark-up on the bags, without passing a fair amount back to the women. I made a vow that for every bag I sold, I would sign the name of the woman who created it, the story of the pattern of the bags, and always pay the women what they ask for. Right now we support three villages with vital services like clean drinking water, and with your help we are going to expand to 15 villages in the next year.
Living in that cramped apartment in West London, sharing a room with a yoga teacher, there were days when I wondered if I was doing the right thing. However, over the past three years it’s been amazing to watch how Castellano has grown, and the difference we’ve made in the rural communities in Colombia and Venezuela. From day one I’ve always wanted to create the next Hermes or Prada, but in a way that is sustainable and without exploitation.
It’s been a long and stressful journey, but I’m happy I’m on it. Join me and let’s make something amazing happen" By Daniela Castellanos

After I read this, It is apparent that Daniela and I have had some similar life experiences in a corrupt modelling and fashion industry. But as everything happens for a reason, that has now led us towards a green path, walking nice and slowly in Eco fashion attire, surrounded by colour and life, and supported by beautiful people who believe in living in a peaceful and sustainable world!

If you are one of those beautiful people and you want to join this journey you can support CASTELLANO ETHINIC ORIGIN and therefore help to support hand craftsmanship and empower indigenous women of Colombia! You also get to look ethically fashionable!! ;) #whatmorecouldyouwant!?

Click below to find out more about the KICKSTARTER campaign! So far they are doing incredible, but extra support is very welcomed!

Thank you for reading my blog post and thank you for all your support!

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Sending you oceans of love, light and laughter!