Go #GreenFriday!

So today is...

The day we have all been waiting for... the day that the media has preyed on our anxiety, which has racked up madness within us, to the point that we feel like dogs chained up, waiting to be unleashed.. or a flock of sheep aimlessly following the crowd into darkness! Yes, today is...

I would call this #RedFriday, where consumers (described as animals, but also known as human beings) go to war, or, some kind of manic hunt, dripping sweat and blood, with only their plastic card (or two) for protection, as they swipe, dodge or hurdle over other predators, to grab a bunch of day done deals! (That have lasted the entire week...plus the usual Christmas rush, boxing day and January sales of course ;))

#BackFriday began in America; it is really necessary for the UK to follow with such ignorance an imported 'holiday'? Christmas and birthdays are meant to be celebrations of love and life, yet somehow they are accelerated with consumption. All this really brings, is pressure, anxiety, guilt, pain, debt and an unhappy and unhealthy world (apart from the extremely wealthy shop owners you are feeding, although who's to say even they are happy?) And as we all know, money and 'things' cannot buy you happiness! But so be it, yet another 'holiday' to ignite the fire and fury of the festive rush!

And breathe...

Are are you really even saving money? Or are you actually shopping even harder and even more than you even intended, or needed to?

Stop for a moment and think... Do I need this? Am I just getting it because it's on sale? Because its BlackFriday! Where is this from? who made it? (I could probably get this second hand even cheaper ;))

... Maybe a list would be helpful, so that you only stick to buying the items you planned to?

We are so brainwashed and manipulated, sometimes I just want to gently shake our beautiful ball! :D     

Maybe I'm just being little miss RoEco Fashion here, (I guess that's why I started this in the first place), but maybe, we can turn this around... maybe we can call it #GreenFriday :D 


#Yay #Iloveit A day when we shop, but shop consciously and ethically! We can shop Green, taking into consideration our environment, sustainability and taking a moment to think about how we are affecting our planet when we consume, depending on what we buy, and who and where we buy from!  Lets sloooow things down and cut the 'sweat'shops! #forgetfastfashion

This is something I try to do everyday, but maybe #GreenFriday will make everyone think about their shopping skills to buy Eco Friendly!? :P #greengreengreen


But seriously, lets stop feeding the wrong hands! If we are going to spend our money, lets spend it wisely! It seems like a no brainer right!? 

Don't shop blind

If you're not sure where to start shopping on #GreenFriday and any other day that is apparently a day we should shop (i.e. everyday), please take a browse through my blog! Most posts feature Eco brands that may inspire you! See a few examples below:

  • Probably the only time I will use this expression... "SO JUST SHOP" is a great place to look as it is an ethical and handmade marketplace, sending you in all the right directions! 
  • Check out this amazing blogger friend of mine MyBrownSparklez. She has been so supportive towards RoEco Fashion from across the World and her blog is extremely inspiring - The perfect place to find some Green goodies and Eco tips!!!! 
  • Social media is always a great help too: You can discover companies trending on Eco hashtags such as #GreenFriday via instagram and facebook!
If you discover an Eco conscious brand I would LOVE you to share it with me!! You can leave me a comment on the website or share it with me on social media @roecofashion #sharingiscaring
                                         Thank you for reading my blog post!

Stay tuned or sign up to read my next blog post about an incredible brand called TAMGA Designs (don't miss their kickstarter) combined with my travel experiences in Indonesia! 

Sending you oceans of love, light and laughter!