Awarded INSPIRATIONAL Blogger at the Cotswold Blog Awards 2018!

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! Namaste! Halo! 

My name is Roanna, I am an eco conscious educator, who loves to explore and proactively look after our world!

Having worked in the modelling, marketing, advertising and fashion industry, and having traveled a great extent, I am keen to discover and share with people about how the fast fashion industry is affecting our planet and what decisions we can make to help our current situation. 

  • I model for eco friendly brands, companies, locally made designers and second hand clothing from Charity/Op/Thrift shops!

  • I travel (when I can now), but previously, with a backpack; exchanging clothes with other travelers and witnessing the fashion industry on the street, in factories and sweatshops, in third world countries.

  • I blog about my experiences and educate, or update my audience about the fast fashion industry and alternative eco conscious designers, brands and companies I discover.

  • I have run RoEco Fashion workshops and assemblies in schools and community centers to educate our new generation on the fast vs slow fashion industry!

  • Currently, as a primary teacher I have the privilege of educating our next generation of eco warriors, inspiring them have an eco conscious mindset.

  • Plus, I sell and donate second hand clothing/everything to keep the cycle churning!

Are you also passionate about making a difference? 

Do you have an Eco friendly company?

Do you need a professional Eco Model?  

Do you want a Brand Ambassador?

Do you want to share your product, fashion or views with the world?

If so please do get in touch today! 

Together we can make a difference!

You can read more about who I am and why I have created this website by reading my very first blog post My Story - from Ro to RoEco!

Thank you so much for visiting!